Pool cleaning & maintenance in Pennsylvania
Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania
Available 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM Mon-Sat

We offer different service plans to care for your pool as often as you need.

Our Premium service is offered across all our service plans allowing you and your family a hassle-free pool. The trustworthy technicians keep your chemicals in balance and your pool clean and working smoothly. Find yourself running low pool shock or other chemicals? Prime Time Pools now is offering free chemicals to all our customers.

Our Premium cleaning services include skimmer and pump basket cleaning to insure proper filter pressure. Netting the top of the pool to remove unwanted debris. Vacuuming your pool every week allows us to truly give your pool a deep clean. Chemical imbalance can be harsh on your skin and eyes as well as bad news for your pool equipment. Staying ahead of algae is a major part of pool service so we also brush your pool walls every week to help prevent accumulation. We check and balance your chemicals and even leave a report for you to know what we have added. Making sure that your pool equipment is running properly can save money and major headaches. We take care of all this and more for both above and inground pools.




Chemical check